Thursday, March 19, 2015



                                                   rabbit                       and                  squirrel

Ceramic Animal Head Portraits " Out of the Woods"

2nd graders selected an animal from the forest and sculpted
a head bust depicting the animal's facial characteristics. Some were
glazed and the others used a craypa/tempera paint stain technique.


Clay Slab Boxes

3rd graders created ceramic boxes with different textures/pattern

Ceramic Kitty and Puppy Bells

Kindergarten and 1st grade created bells out of pinch pots.

 The Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water ... A Reductive block Print

6th graders design and image inspired by the four elements.
They carved, inked and printedeach color.  Every time they carved 
 more of the block "reducing" the surfacearea  revealing  different colored layers..