Monday, May 18, 2015

 Watercolor Birds
Kindergarteners tried their hand at watercolor painting
and turned the circles into birds!

Origami Tulip Garden
Kindergarten and 1st graders flolded an origami tulip garden
complete with butterflies and grass.

1 and 2 point perspective "Floating Cubes"
5th and 6th graders learned perspective drawing. They used the technique to
create the illusion of 3 dimensional space on a 2 dimensional surface.

Curves , Compasses and Quarters. Oh My!
4th graders used a compass to create curves on 4 squares.  Color schemes were
selected, squares painted with water color paints, printed with bubble wrap and
assembled into a design.  

Collaborative, Continuous Line Design
3rd graders practiced using a ruler, measured and marked paper then created
a line design.  Each student started and ended the line in the same place. When all
designs were displayed they all "LINED UP"!!