Monday, January 21, 2013

3rd and 4th graders ended the year by reviewing color mixing 
then learned how to tie and dye t-shirts.

 Ceramic Faces
5th graders made faces out of clay coils and balls. 
After glazing, they stained the clay face with black tempera paint then rinsed.

4th graders turned a pinch pot on its' side and created a creature known as
the "Big Mouth". 

Ceramic Pottery

1st and 2nd graders tried the pinch pot technique to create their very first
clay pots.  3rd graders pressed coils into bowls to create their molded pots.


6th graders designed zentangles in the shape of their hands.

Clay Creatures
Kindergarteners created ceramic creatures by forming different sized clay balls
coil arms and beaded wire legs.

Heart Paintings
Kindergarteners practiced mixing red, white, purple and magenta to make
Valentine colors.  They finished their collage with metallic markers, fabric and stamps.

4th graders used chalk pastels and erasers
to draw and reveal the layers of color. Some students
used 3Do'sto stack their drawings creating assembleges.

Heart/Valentine Doodles
 3rd graders created "doodles" with black sharpies then tissue paper painted
over the doodle with non-fading paper.  They added stamps and metallic marker lines.

Starry Starry City Lights
2nd graders used rulers to design buildings with
rectangles and triangles. They turned it into a night time
scene with oil pastels and white tempera paint.

Kachina Dolls
6th graders learned about Hopi Kachina then looked at photos of old
and modern Kachina Dolls.  They constructed their dolls out of cardboard,
wood and plastic aerosol can lids. The  doll was enhanced with paint
and a variety of found objects to convey the meaning or spirit of the doll.