Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sand Hill Crane Collage- 4th grade
4th graders became aquainted with the Sand Hill Crane who migrates
through NE by
watching a video and studying photos.  They created this collage
of a "Dancing Crane" with watercolor
backgrounds, magazine paper bird,
 feather tails and wings, paper/raffia ground and old NE road map frame.

Scarecrow Collage- Kindergarten
Kindergarteners used geometric shapes(rectangles, circles
and triangles)
to make their scarecrow characters.
Fall Tree Collage - Kindergarten
Kindergarteners used a variety of art supplies to
create these "Autumn Inspired" trees.

Sponge Printed Birds - 2nd grade
2nd graders used cardboard to print trees and sponges
to print birds and leaves.  They created personalities
by drawing with markers and adding feathers.

Great Horned Owls - 2nd/1st grade
Students cut out their owl shapes by tracing circles,
added marker line designs, oil pastel color and
water color paint resist. 

Butterflies 2D to 3D - 2nd/1st grade
Students reviewed symmetrical design then made 2D butterflies with
chalk pastel, dot markers and paper shapes.  They turned them into 3D
butterflies with additional cutting and folding of wings.