Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Weaving and Stitching
Kindergarteners practiced weaving and stitching through burlap.


CROWS and Collage
       6th graders looked at the work of Jaqueline McIntyre and zentagles
to create these scratch, collage paintings of crows.
 Halloween Black Cat Collage
1st graders used geometric shapes to create these black cat portraits on top
of a tissue paper painted background.

 Mr. Bones- Skeleton Sketches
2nd graders studied the real skeleton hanging in the art room during the month of October.
They sketched, tissue paper painted and charcoal shaded these eerie portraits of
"Mr. Bones".

"Black Eyes and Stitches" are very popular
Halloween face painting requests.
 3 D Warm/Cool Paper Sculpture
3rd graders painted paper and cut out shapes to build
these 3D paper sculptures.


Bald Eagle Patriotic Paintings
5th Graders were inspired by Andy Warhol's Endangered Species prints
and watched a video about the Bald Eagle to become more informed
about our national bird. (tissue paper painting, photo copies, chalk pastel and paint)